In Memory of

Odell Martin


"Odell Martin was one of the best Fingerstyle players or as they say in Ky "Thumbpickers"  to ever pick up a guitar, Odell could play like Chet and he could play like Merle, but he also played like Odell, Odell had his own way of playing and everyone who heard him couldn't forget him, Odell and I became friends in High School and stayed friends until his death,  I think about him every day", paul yandell


Paul Yandell   &  Odell

"I remember Odell well, and with very fond memories, he was the greatest.  I first Meet Him in Miami where I was working the club 17 and I was seventeen years old at the time.  Odell came over after working the Dade County Auditorium with Faron Young.  He told me that I should be in Nashville and then gave me his phone number.  He said he'd help me however he could.  A few months later I was visiting with him and Frank Walden at he Bradley Studio after a Faron Young session and Odell told me I needed to let my finger nails grow so I could get better clarity and tone.  I did; THANKS Odell.  Odell Martin was one of the best friends a guitar has ever known", Wayne Gray.


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